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Report  - Judaizing Jerusalem, Closing The Aqsa Foundation - By-Violette Daguerre

Gross Human Rights Violations and War Crimes in the Gaza Strip

IOF Continues to Perpetrate War Crimes in Gaza; Targets an Ambulance Crew and Other Civilian Objects - Number of Palestinian Casualties Rises to 315 (41 Children) & the Injured 939 (85 Children)

Naser Alghazali, the spokesperson for The International Committee to support Michel Kilo

The Syrian government violated the rights of expression of the Damascus Declaration detainees

The United States of America Violated the Sovereignty of Syria and Rights to life of Syrian Citizens

Initial Report of Int'l juridical observation of Damascus Declaration for Democratic National Change (DDDNC) Trial

Peace in Iraq is an option

International Anti Occupation Network

Report about the Latest Arrests of Damascus Declaration for National Democratic Change Members

 Khaldoon Alaswad

Arrests and Intimidation of Syrian Human Rights Activists

Syrian Security Forces Kill Syrian Kurdish Festival Goers

Iraqi Refugees in Syria

Fact-Finding Mission

Dr. Violette Daguerre & Mr. Nasser Al-Ghazali

Edited by: Violette Daguerre

michel kilo

What is The International Committee for Supporting Michel Kilo


Palmyra: From an Oasis to a Barbaric State    

The Matter of Minorities

 Jad Al Kareem Al Jeba'i

The Positions of the Youth

Tameem and Majed

The External Policy of Syria Between the Constants and Variables
Omar Deeb Abdel Hameed

Mohammed Mamoun Al‑Homsi and Riad Saif Damascus





Displaced and refugee Syrian children ... Between the hammer of violence, poverty and the anvil of persecution



Naser Al-ghazali

 Almost two years and Syrian child lives a real tragedy, On the one hand encircled by violence of all kinds, insecurity and poverty and by another all the basic rights that should be enjoyed by children everywhere - and without discrimination is being violated, and these rights are: the right of Survival, growth and development to the maximum extent, and protection from harmful influences...more


Obama's speech shows little real change. In most regards his analysis maintains flawed American policies



Ali Abunimah

Once you strip away the mujamalat - the courtesies exchanged between guest and host - the substance of President Obama's speech in Cairo indicates there ...more

A Constitutional Test for the Concept of the American Nation



Sobhi Ghandour

The United States has entered the final countdown to November 4th, the day when Americans will vote not only a new President into power, but also a third of the Senate and the entire House of Representatives, in addition to electing local officials...more

The Story of My Arrest and AccusationĒ - by Michel Kilo



Michel Kilo

The article begins with Michel Kilo, Syria's most articulate opposition member, accusing the authorities of ďmisleading public opinion with the delusion that there is a terrifying conspiracy, with hidden threads, and that I am plotting it and that I am its center.Ē Kilo ...more

How Antonio Taguba, who investigated the Abu Ghraib scandal, became one of its casualties



Seymour M. Hersh

On the afternoon of May 6, 2004, Army Major General Antonio M. Taguba was summoned to meet, for the first time, with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in his Pentagon conference room. Rumsfeld and his senior staff were to testify the next day, in televised hearings before the Senate and ...more

US Foreign Policy Fault Line: in defining security we generate insecurity



Ghassan Michel Rubeiz

Wise politicians assess danger with precision. Statesmen distinguish between grave threats that deserve swift action and lesser threats that can be acted upon with measured and calculated efforts. The United States has been the strongest country in the world for over.....more

Muslims brothers And Law 49 of 1980



Heithem Al Maleh

The Tyrannical, Dictatorial comprehensive regime persisted in practicing suppression, humiliation  and degradation with respect to citizens  since it is early founded.  This suppression led to promotion of citizens indignation and pushed a slice from the Islamic......more

Two FacesÖOfÖ.AmericanismÖ..Ali Shihabi



ali shehabi

Americanism and Anti Americanism have been talked a lot about, even through media like The American Enterprise online and The CNN. The first published in June 2004 an essay by Jean-Francois Revel entitled Anti-Globalism = Anti-Americanism. The secondís correspondent announced two years ago Anti Americanism in Europe deepens  .....more

The Opinion... and the Sword the Mechanisms of Possessing the State and Reinforcing the Authority



Jad Al Kareem Al Jeba'i

Many expressions are used to describe the type of authority's system in countries like Syria, Iraq and others. All these expressions are derived from one idiom, "Despotism", which Abed Al Rahman Al Kawakebi was the first to uncover its origin, derivatives and features. Actually, many terms belong to despotism and    ......more

The Social Foundation Of the Political Conversion   



Salamah Keila

To approach the present structure of the Syrian political authority we need to research its social-economical foundation. According to a well-known opinion of Lenin, "politics" is the intensive expression of economyé(1)ź. Studying the conversions, which were caused by the military regime in some..........more

The Totalitarian System   



Aslan Abd Al Kareem

A - It was possible to accept some political terms, such as tyrannical or Security government, especially, the dominating government, to describe the Syrian regime, but the degree of this regime's penetration through the social structure and attaching society to it enables us to call it, relatively, Totalitarian. This term expresses.......more


An Entrance to Read "Plurality"



 Abdel Razaq Eid

"Plurality" as a philosophical concept considers all that exist are combined of many-isolated equivalent constitutes, which cannot belong into one single source. On the contrary, the concept of 'Monism' indicates that the base behind all existence is one source.......more.


The Political Parties



Mohammed Najati Tayarah

Since the middle of 19th Century, during the administrative reformations and the cultural interaction with the West in the retarded Ottoman society of multiple cultures, the elite of Arabic Shami started expressing the tendencies of a national rise.......more.


The Social Diversions and the Role of Civil Organizations



Kareem Abu Halawa

Many conferences, lectures and researches are held about the present and future of the Arabic society. This refers to the transfer of social mind from describing and personifying the reality into trying to know it and suggesting solutions and entrances.......more

The Syrian Movement of Human Rights



Haytham Manna

Since the beginning of the twentieth century there were different individual attempts from Lebanese and Syrian writers and intellectuals to define and praise human rights. In 1901 and 1908, they translated the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.......more


The Judicial System



Haytham Al Maleh

The Judicial Authority represents the last fortress to protect the nation and guarantee the rights and security of the individuals and groups in their relationships and in facing the political authority. As much as the judicial authority is strong, stable and independent.......more


The Social And Psychological Effects On the Dإtente and the Deprivation of Civil Rights



Mohammed Issam Dimashk

Prison, is the most widely spread and applied mean of discipline. It is classified under the mechanism of control and restrain, which is used by the governments and regimes to produce and reproduce the social and political control. Therefore......more

The Syrian Policy of Communication  (Information - Culture - Education)



 Hussein Al Oudat

In this age, it became obvious that each individual has the right to communicate and converse with other people to obtain information.  Also, each individual has the right to exchange opinions, acquire education and participate to develop it through.........more

The Syrian Economy: The Reality and The Prospects

The Syrian economy has a distinguished balanced sector's structure, as well as an important economical, human and natural resources along with a significant geographical location which represents a tying knot among three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa........more


 Amer Mahmood


The Environmental Problems

Syria has managed a noticeable progress since the sixties. The individual's share of total local production increased, the average of children's death (under 5 years) decreased from 218 per thousand during the sixties to 41.7 in 1994. The average expected........more


 Mohammed Al Oudat


Thirty-four years ago, on the 6th of June 1967, since Israel was established in 1948, the Israeli forces launched the most important and wide aggression against Arab countries. Its military operations included three Arabic fronts, which extended from Golan .......more


 Fayez Sarah


Damascus Center for Theoretical and Civil Rights Studies

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